Changing lives of 700 girls in West Nile – Peace Pimer

Why did you join the field in the first place?

Growing up in Zombo District, I witnessed my peers drop out of school, some did not have school fees, others because of child marriages, and also misconception of menstruation. I, therefore, took it upon myself to give hope to these girls. The best way I could make a difference was to start Nile Girls Forum to reach out to as many communities as possible.

Did education shape your career?

Education is beyond the classroom, it has prepared me to be innovative and open minded and be a change agent in my community.

Then, when did you start charity?

In my final year at university in 2016. My organisation will officially be launched in May and many people have come out to sponsor for the event, including Victoria University.

What do you do in your charity organisation?

We sensitise girls and women through community dialogue, hand skills, training them to make reusable sanitary pads, tailoring, liquid soap, and coffee production.
We also provide scholastic materials and sanitary pads.

Why do you deal with only women?

You cannot talk about a woman without talking about a man. Our outreaches are engaging and are open to men because it is collective responsibility to uplift women and girls.

What do you think about donations?

Donations boost projects but as organisations, we should make sure donations serve its purpose with no diversions. Some people receive donations and misuse them or channel them from their initial goals.

You said you are launching your organisation in May, who is funding it?
Victoria University is the main sponsor of the launch. Nevertheless, we are looking forward to having more people and organisations on board.
We also have well-wishers contributing. A ticket goes for Shs100,000, a table for Shs3m and all proceeds go to projects of Nile Girls Forum and a girls’ centre.

As a girl in your position, many men come up to propose relationships, have you accepted any?
Now, I am concentrating on Nile Girls Forum, like the Bible says there is time for everything. I will look at that when the right time comes.

How many girls are you working with and where do you see your organisation in 10 years?
We have reached out to about 700 girls but we have 10 girls that have formed a Nile Girls Club and are benefiting from our hand skills training.
I see NGF impacting millions of girls not only in Uganda but across the globe, I see NGF having a girls’ centre.

Source Daily Monitor

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